The Valley pivot line is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle any operating stresses your machine may experience. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines, commanding the highest resale value in the industry. Each Valley pivot is hot-dip galvanized to withstand the elements – ensuring your investment is around for years to come.

Have a look at our pdfValley Center Pivots brochure for detailed specifications and contact us today to learn more.

We offer three series of centre pivots:

8000 Series

8000 series Centre Pivot

Whether it’s said over coffee at their favorite diner or at the dinner table, Valley® growers call the 8000 series center pivot the “Cadillac” of the pivot industry. It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, you can rely on our 8000 series pivot to help you manage your farming operation and give you something positive to talk about.

7000 Series

7000 series Centre Pivot

Everyone is worried about their budget – that’s a given! The good news is we offer the Valley® 7000 series center pivot that is both easy on your pocketbook and perfect for your field. Our 7000 series pivot is second only to the industry-leading 8000 series for reliability, durability, and overall performance.

5000 Series

5000 Series Centre Pivot

You need to maximize yields and acres on small fields, too, and they shouldn't be treated differently than large fields. That's why we offer the Valley® 5000 series center pivot, an irrigation machine that is as durable as the 8000 series, but specifically designed for your smaller fields, up to 60 acres.