Control Tech

Valley West Irrigation proudly carries control technology options that are tailored for your needs and the way you work to. With numerous options to choose from, our experts will help you find the proper control technology system that will ensure your center pivots and linears are running they need to be, while you spend time with your loved ones.

To view our full suite of Control Technology products, take a look at our pdfValley Controls brochure. Contact us today to learn more.

The Valley Control Technology line includes:

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AgSense® remote irrigation management products use digital cellular technology to remotely monitor, start, and stop a center pivot. Think of AgSense as a remote farm management solution. You can monitor and manage farm components through any Web-connected smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

And everything is managed by WagNet®, a global network built specifically for the ag industry. WagNet (Wireless Agriculture Network) captures data, aggregates it, and delivers it back to you, so you can put the information to work. It provides unlimited, real-time remote management for just about everything related to your operation.

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Base Station3

BaseStation3™ from Valley® Irrigation is the most innovative, state-of-the-art irrigation management solution on the market, pushing monitoring and control technology to the next level to improve your farm and your quality of life. Remotely manage all your irrigation equipment from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – using native iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android apps – for more control and more freedom.

Choose an Internet-connected or stand-alone installation, and select data radio, cellular modems, Internet protocol or a combination of technologies – a choice no one else offers. With Valley BaseStation3, you no longer need to plan your life around your irrigation schedule. Now, you can schedule irrigation around your life.

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Control Panels

As a grower, you know getting water to your crops when and where it’s needed is the key to your best yields. In the past, this may have meant additional costs and worries during peak irrigation times: early morning pivot checks, increased fuel costs from additional trips to the field, and even adding additional labor during the summer months. Valley® control panels are designed to eliminate these unnecessary visits to your field and help you regain control of your irrigation.

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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allow us to get driving directions, keep track of our kids and pets, and even figure out the best fishing spots. But one of the most important and profitable ways GPS has changed the world is through its impact on farming.

From tractors and combines to irrigation equipment, growers like you are using GPS to make your job easier and to make the most of your biggest asset: your land. We offer two GPS products to enhance your farm operation: GPS Position for center pivots and linears, and GPS Guidance for corners and linears.

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Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valley® offers you the ultimate in precision irrigation. With a combination of hardware and software, patented Valley VRI allows you to customize water application based on topography information, soil data maps, yield data, and other user-defined information. Based on your VRI Prescription, you’re applying water only where it needs to be. So, you are not applying water to unnecessary areas in your field, such as: ditches, canals, buildings, and boggy areas.

VRI is easy to use. You can wirelessly upload your VRI Prescription to your center pivot with Valley and AgSense® remote communication products. And because you can wirelessly upload your prescription, you can quickly make changes as your water application needs change in the field. Don't use remote communication? You can also hard-wire upload your prescriptions directly to your computerized control panel.

With VRI, you can:

  • Make all areas in your field more profitable
  • Reduce runoff, which can help your soil's health and the environment
  • Increase water and chemical application efficiency
  • RELAX — you know that your precious water resources are being used wisely!